Samantha Zilliox

Majors: Mechanical Engineering
Current year: Sophomore
Position: SORA Program Manager

Getting involved with UBNL was a no-brainer for me. I started out as the high school intern learning how to crimp wires, solder boards, and write test procedures. But before long, I found myself learning CAD the summer before I started at UB, becoming a lead of the structures team, and in the spring of my freshman year I became the project manager of an entire satellite. SORA holds a very dear place in my heart, especially since I’ve been a part of UBNL since it’s conception. As I continue my schooling, I hope to see SORA grow into more than just a drawing on a computer. I want to look into the night sky some day, look up, and say “my satellite is up there right now”. Being a part of something that big and that meaningful fuels my drive to be the best program manager that I can be.”